Imaginative Writing

April 27, 2011

During the course of this class we focused on our imaginative writing. We wrote a short story and several poems, as well as doing other writing exercises along the way.

I’m posting a copy of one of the poems that I wrote. The poem is one that was inspired by a video that a friend pointed me to. The video is music of a very talented cellist and the background images are beautiful nature images. This video just made me feel connected to the music. Music is a very large part of my life and it was not a far stretch to write this particular poem.

Poem #3


Personal Ethics

April 27, 2011

Personal Ethics is the study of morality and the different theories of where we learn our morals. In this class we were assigned readings by different philosophers. We not only had lectures about the theories presented by these philosophers but we wrote summary papers for several of them as well. This enabled us to understand the theories better and understand the lectures better. I feel that having us write summaries was a great way to help us retain the information that we learned.

Relativism Summary


December 16, 2010

This semester I had Introduction to Folklore.  I thought it was going to be about fairy tales and the like.  The class was  definitely not what I had expected.

In class we learned about what folklore really is, the different kinds of folklore there are, and how to look at and analyze the different folklore.  We learned that it’s about history and anthropology not just stories and needlework.  It was interesting in a way that I never would have thought it would be and I’m glad that I had this experience.

During the semester we were asked to write a couple of papers; one was on a  folklore group and the other was on a folklore collection.  Below is a link to the paper I wrote about the collection.  You will find not only information about my lovely sister but about her crochet and the beauty she creates with it.

A Folklore Collection

Critical Theory E-Portfolio

December 9, 2010

Here are several examples of the work that I’ve done for English 2700 Introduction to Critical Theory at Salt Lake Community College.

The first item is a revision of my final research paper.

The second item is a reflection paper of the class, my writing, what I learned during the class, and a selection of the work that I did during the class.

Research Paper

Class Reflection